February 2009:

Xpectis releases a new version of its TAP/RAP Editor.
This 4.3 version encompases the latest published standards of the GSMA and so supports the following:

  • TAP 3.11.11 published in May 2008
  • RAP 1.4 (4.2) published in may 2008

Coming with this new version, the following new features have been added:

  • Addition of a file merge facility:

    TAP/RAP Editor now allows merging several files into one. Only files with the same release version and common sender/recipient pair can be merged; the feature concerns only the CallEventDetail section of the files.

  • Node editing tool improvement:

    TAP/RAP Editor now allows the management of predefined values for terminal nodes in a TAP3 file.
    The product handles those possible value sets together with descriptions.
    Although picking values from a list is now an error-prone replacement for entering actual content of the node user, a manual input is still possible, without any cross-check between data provided and the defined value set.

For more information, take a look at our TAP/RAP/NRTRDE editor giving you the freedom to manage all three formats (TAP3, RAP and the near real time fraud format NRTRDE) in one fast, flexible tool.