Straight through processing :

Moving information forward

Where does information come from and where does it go to? How is information provided and how should it be re-used? How is information encoded, stored, processed and consolidated?

Size and age of companies do often determine the discrepancy between systems and processes and determine the efficiency entailed by our use of infrastructures and data. Straight through processing (STP) is a strategical and technical approach to streamline business processes, interconnect infrastructures, thus lowering costs and enhancing data consistency. Moving data efficiently across systems, delivering customised information services throughout a company and constantly evaluating existing STP efforts are among the competencies offered by Xpectis.

Specific services include :

  • assessment of the level of existing internal STP
  • business re-engineering and IT architecture
  • translating business requirements into systems specifications
  • Definition, design and implementation of STP solutions

Xpectis is uniquely positioned to provide consulting and project delivery expertise on all aspects associated with STP issues. These include all phases from architecture analysis, design and implementation to the constant upgrading and feedback management of existing systems.