Success Stories :

The following list of success stories will give you an indication of the diversity and depth of projects developed over the last years by Xpectis. The list will be updated regularly.
  • Kneip Communications : Requirements definition, project planning and organisation for the implementation of an integrated enterprise system
  • Euroclear : Analysis, design, development and implementation of a fund processing system for a bank leading in International Securities Settlement
  • Mastercard Europe : Design and development of a new processing architecture for one of the world’s leading organisations in the settlement of credit card transactions
  • MACH : File Server Infrastructure for processing GSM Call Records from International Cellular Operators for a Leading GSM Clearing House
  • Luxembourg Stock Exchange : Design and development of an on-line document management system for a European Stock Exchange
  • Leading Greek GSM Operator : Design and development of a real-time interface for the conversion of GPRS CDRs (Call Detail Records) to a proprietary format for a GSM operator
  • BASE : Development of a proprietary TAP 3 interface for a GSM operator
  • European Financial Institution : Requirements definition and analysis of third party solution software for an administration system. Contract negotiation with the chosen vendor on behalf of the client. Project coordination.
  • Kaupthing Bank : Architecture recommendation to implement an IT solution that will improve straight through processing
  • ING : An end to end project involving the analysis, development and deployment of a platform distributed in bank branches and back office departments to support the straight through processing of securities handling.
  • Banque Rothschild : Study and analysis of the current infrastructure of the distributed network of a leading european private bank.